I am a photographer and filmmaker based in Scotland.


I remember it vividly. The fish scales glistening brightly as the evening sun glinted through the trees. The placid eyes. I imagined the lives lived and lost. I was 10 and overcome with a sense of wonder as I held a camera for the first time. The fish had been caught by my father and lay silently on the grass. The power to capture this story, both its beauty and emotion moved something in me.

The ability to tell stories and communicate through imagery still moves me today. It’s an incredible thing, to share ideas and stories, to move people through imagery. I have worked for a variety of media and travel organisations worldwide. I have a passion for visual storytelling. This is driven by an endless fascination in the way we live; with each other and the natural world. I believe in the power of stories to change perceptions and attitudes for the better. Travel has played a big part in shaping my own perspective and for this I’m hugely grateful.


Nowadays I work with more than just the fish on the grass, but that sense of wonder and excitement runs through all the work I do. I produce:

  • Adventure Travel Photography and Video
  • Corporate/Promo Photography and Video
  • Lifestyle and Interiors Photography

I have produced both stills and video for a variety of premier travel companies and mainstream press such as National Geographic Adventures, the Guardian, Noi Hotels, Conde Nast, Visit Scotland, CNN, The Sunday Times, Wilderness Scotland and Yachting Magazine.

Each project I undertake is carefully planned to ensure that what I produce is telling the story that you want it to.

I love what I do and work hard.

I am able to work on projects of varying scales. I have a team of sound engineers, animators, producers and motion artists who support me on a variety of projects, based on what’s needed.

It would be great to discuss some ideas with you. Thanks for visiting.


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