The Batwa Project - Documentary Film in Uganda

The Batwa Project – Documentary Film in Uganda

The Batwa Project – Documentary Film Kickstarter Video from Rupert Shanks on Vimeo. Myself and 3 talented filmmakers and journalists are embarking on a documentary film project in South Uganda – The Batwa Project – Documentary Film in Uganda. A guided tour to see endangered Mountain Gorillas is one of THE most iconic wildlife experiences on the planet. Gorilla tourism is big business. It accounts for more than 50% of the wildlife tourism revenue in Uganda where roughly half the remaining 880 global Mountain Gorillas are based. Sharing these Ugandan forests with the Gorillas were a tribe of ancient pygmies, known as the ‘Batwa’ people, who lived in these forests for thousands of years. The Batwa Project - Documentary Film in Uganda In 1992, life for the Batwa people changed forever. National Parks and a World Heritage Site were created to protect the Gorillas. The Batwa people were evicted from the forests without compensation or rights to land ownership. Since then, Gorilla numbers have been steadily rising but life outside their spiritual home has been a struggle for the Batwa. The Batwa Project - Documentary Film in Uganda The film will explore the Batwa’s relationship with the gorillas – one they have developed over thousands of years of close contact. We intend to investigate issues surrounding their exclusion from the conservation process, and also identify the efforts now being made to redress the balance between this community and local tourism. We are 2 Filmmakers, a Producer and a Journalist. We intend to travel out to Uganda to live with and film the Batwa and Gorilla Tourism communities respectively. We aim to uncover the story of how this ancient tribe of people have adapted to losing their indigenous home. The Guardian Newspaper has committed to distributing our film through their website. With over 45 million unique monthly visitors worldwide We have had a very successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign and want to say a HUGE thank you to all our backers. Our Kickstarter Page. Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep in touch. Thank you.

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