Mount Youtei and NIseko village at night

Arrived in Niseko

Ive had a couple of weeks in Niseko now. The snow has barely stopped falling gracefully from the sky. There has only been 2 days when I have seen the sun. It has been aMazing! The scenery here (when you can briefly see it) is very different to alpine areas in Europe. The mountains are more gradual and even. Mount Youtei is a huge volcano right by NIseko. Its’ uniform shape messes with my mind and I cant stop staring at it whenever possible.The instructor course has been a great experience. My skiing has already improved a fair bit. We are following the NZ methodology which breaks skiing down into 4 movements; Vertical, Lateral, Fore/Aft and Rotational. Once you start to understand how these movements should be used you get more of a feel of when you re doing it wrong and can try and fix things. Sounds like the scientific approach might take away some of the joy of it, but theres something so satisfying about working single-mindedly to just move your body in the most efficient way possible. I started a drunken ramble the other day about how it might compare to yoga in a mental and spiritual way. Maybe nothing more than drunken nonsense or maybe I’m on to something…

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