Triathletes at start

Auckland Triathlon

I went down to give my mate Frances some support to do the Auckland Triathlon. She was entered in the standard category (commonly referred to as the Olympic distance) which is 1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run. It was a beautiful morning at the event which looked out across the bay to the island of Rangitogo, a small volcano which appeared only 800 years ago.

Watching the event was inspiring. People of all ages (quite a few over 70!) and sizes. Frances had set a goal of completing under 3 hours, which she didnt expect to do. She was doing pretty well until the run where she took over 30 minutes to do 5km. With only 30 minutes remaining under her 3 hour limit, I wasnt expecting her to run quicker in the 2nd 5km. Wouldnt you know, she bloody well did. Awesome effort and good strategy!

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