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Seaside parties

Every year, Breadline Africa organises a week of seaside parties where they take underprivileged kids from the local area for a fun day out at the seaside. This year we will take around 1,000 kids, lots of whom amazingly have never been to the beach. It was awesome to see how thrilled the kids were to splash around in the waves. They were so happy just running around screaming on the beach for as long as they possibly could!

I was asked to put on a Santa suit and ended up having to dance around before handing out presents and posing for photos with all 200 kids who were there. Even though I have laughed a lot at some of my best jokes, I have never ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’d’ as much in all my life. Incredibly though, lots of the kids were totally taken in by my performance. Must have been the grey hairs blending into my white beard.

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      Thanks Rob. I think theres probably enough people rattling around London . Hope you re well!

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